Tips for Properly Staging Your Home to Get the Best Possible Offers

Construction Loan LendersIt really doesn’t matter if you are trying to sell your house when the market is good or bad, if you do a little staging beforehand you can easily get your asking price. The trouble is that too many people list the house, then try to fix things as they go, and each month they lower the price trying to net a sale. These savvy buyers can sense desperation, and they will either wait you out or low-ball the price at that point.

Here are a few staging tips you should employ before calling the realtor to list the house on the market brought to you buy the construction loan lenders leader. For more info please visit them at:

The first thing you must do when staging the house to get a full price offer is to remove all the clutter. While it might not be clutter to you, those stuffed closets and packed garage are indeed clutter to potential buyers. Start packing things and moving to a storage facility in town for two good reasons. One, you are going to have to do this eventually when you move, why not get a jump on it now? Secondly, it makes the interior of the house appear larger, something all buyers appreciate.

Start taking down family pictures and anything that has a connection to your family. The reason being is simple, you want the buyer to get emotionally connected to your house and start imagining their own family living there. Don’t have them expend energy trying to NOT imagine your family there when they should be imagining their family’s future. Replace all those family pictures with neutral paintings or artwork, it will be so much easier for the potential buyers to fall in love with your house.

Call in the professionals to start cleaning the interior of your house while you are removing the clutter and replacing pictures. These experts will restore your carpeting, furniture, flooring, windows, and bathrooms. Now while you might balk at the extra spending, think about it for a minute. If the interior of the house appears to be in showroom condition, it tells the buyers you treated your entire house this way, and they shouldn’t expect issues with anything down the road.

Now that you know how to stage the house properly, as hard as it might be, hold your ground and wait for that offer to come rolling in when the buyer finds your place is the house of their dreams. The right person will find your home when the time is right.